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Est. 2001

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Our Mission

Scalpel is a Surgical Society from University of Manchester, partnered with the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Our goal is to lead aspiring surgeons and foster their interest in surgery through lectures, workshops, and hosting conference.

In 2009, Scalpel hosted its first national conference. Ever since, annual conferences have become major event attended by many medical students and six-form students from all over the UK and beyond.


We deliver surgical themed lectures to help medical students with their surgical placements from year 3 and beyond.


We offer a wide range of in-person workshops including surgical skills day, CV clinic, and mock CCAs.


We host annual scalpel conferences to bridge medical students and career in surgery. Six-form students are welcomed to join our meetings.

Recent Posts

  • Conference 2022

    Conference 2022

    Location:University Place, University of Manchester and MedAll Date:12 November 2022 Theme: ‘The Future of Our Scalpel’ Surgery has developed and grown extensively throughout history and continues to evolve to solve ever-changing medical challenges. In the future, surgery will be a synergic collaboration between surgeons, digital technology, machines and robots. This conference will aim to explore…

  • Life of a Medical Student During a Pandemic

    Life of a Medical Student During a Pandemic

    The final instalment to this series is by Emma Mackender, a current 5th year medical student, sharing her views of intercalation during the pandemic. It’s such a bizarre realisation that a global pandemic is what it takes to stop medical education. I couldn’t quite believe I wouldn’t be sitting my exams, it almost felt wrong,…

  • Life of a Medical Student During a Pandemic

    Life of a Medical Student During a Pandemic

    The penultimate instalment to this series is from Amerikos Argyriou, our President and current 5th year medical student, sharing his views on 4th year during the pandemic. At times, opportunities for learning on the ward seemed as hard to find as water in a desert. We were (somehow) shown how to perform our MSK examinations,…

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