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Welcome to Scalpel!

Scalpel is an independent surgical society based at the University of Manchester and partner of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. We are one of the largest undergraduate surgical societies in the UK and a leader in providing educational opportunities in surgery for medical students.

  • Hurdles in Medicine

    Jade Scott-Blagrove, Year 2/3 Medical Student, intercalating in Neuroscience, Manchester Medical School ‘Hello, my name is Jade Scott-Blagrove and I am a second year medical student from the University of Manchester…’ Every time I say this as part of my introduction to a patient I feel privileged. Facing four rejections at my first attempt was hard, as I received the rejection letters one by one and I became more disheartened. After my ...

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  • I love Surgery

    Srinivas Chintapatla Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, York Teaching Hospital & Senior Clinical Tutor, Hull York Medical School s.chintapatla@york.nhs.uk I love Surgery... No steer back a bit. Actually, I am still in love with Surgery. It is almost a decade of being a consultant colorectal surgeon and yet time and again I marvel at what Surgery is. Despite the long hours (reducing all the time), the tedious moments of ...

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  • Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

    Andrew Kennedy-Dalby, Year Five Medical Student, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust andrew.kennedydalby@doctors.org.uk Adjusting from the pre-clinical curriculum of textbooks and cadavers to the 3rd year environment of cannulas, ward rounds and stethoscopes can be daunting for even the most confident medical student. The opportunities available to us during our clinical years of medical school are a valuable resource that may help us shape our carer choices. For those that aspire to a surgical career, there is no ...

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  • Introducing Scalpel SurgicalTALK©

    Scalpel would like to welcome you to our brand new blog, titled SurgicalTALK. This is a forum for individuals at any stage of their career, from students to consultants, to discuss any topic of interest related to Surgery. Our aim is to involve a wide range of authors and give opportunity to anyone interested in writing about anything Surgery to appear on our website. Topics could be anything from ‘My first surgical attachment’, or ...

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