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Welcome to Scalpel!

Scalpel is an independent surgical society based at the University of Manchester and partner of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. We are one of the largest undergraduate surgical societies in the UK and a leader in providing educational opportunities in surgery for medical students.

  • Scalpel Committee. Applications and experiences

    It’s getting near the end of our committee’s term and we have a few days left for applications to become a part of the Scalpel Committee 2015! If you want to do so, please click here. This post we dedicate to the people who are stepping down. We would like to wish them a great career and to keep up with the standard they have set. We have ...

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  • Scalpel 2015 Committee Applications Now Open!

    We are looking to enthusiastic individuals with time to contribute to a large society. If you think this may be you read on... Role Requirements All roles have the addition of ‘supportive role’ i.e. they must be willing to undertake jobs that do not strictly come under their role. This is particularly true of hospital and phase 1 representatives who have a comparatively smaller role than the others. Vice president Supporting ...

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  • Hurdles in Medicine

    Jade Scott-Blagrove, Year 2/3 Medical Student, intercalating in Neuroscience, Manchester Medical School ‘Hello, my name is Jade Scott-Blagrove and I am a second year medical student from the University of Manchester…’ Every time I say this as part of my introduction to a patient I feel privileged. Facing four rejections at my first attempt was hard, as I received the rejection letters one by one and I became more disheartened. After my ...

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  • I love Surgery

    Srinivas Chintapatla Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, York Teaching Hospital & Senior Clinical Tutor, Hull York Medical School s.chintapatla@york.nhs.uk I love Surgery... No steer back a bit. Actually, I am still in love with Surgery. It is almost a decade of being a consultant colorectal surgeon and yet time and again I marvel at what Surgery is. Despite the long hours (reducing all the time), the tedious moments of ...

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